Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat

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You could argue I’ve just made one graph about thirty times on my site, but I do like a slope graph and I’m on holiday this week in Wales with the family so give me a break.

For the Ironviz music I’ve used data from on U2. Now I don’t particularly like them, and I still need to remove their last album from my iTunes account, but they tour a lot and have a massive back catalogue which is what I needed.

I’m interested in seeing if a band on a massive tour changes the setlist during the tour. I’m mean, it must be pretty dull playing the same tunes in the same order for a year? Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat.

So the top graph shows each of their gigs and the order the songs were played. Follow the line to see how a song changes in the setlist. Interesting to see how some songs seem to move about through the set by tour, for example Beuatiful Day.

I also wanted to see if they where still playing songs from earlier in their career, or forcing fans to listen to the new albums that only the diehards bought. So you can highlight just U2 songs, they do play lots of covers, by the lollipop graph, and show the results for the last three tours.

Unfortunately, for the casual fan, the new album seems to be getting a number of songs played. The latest tour, by the shape of the graph, shows they seem to be playing the same stuff in the same order more than others tours.

If you want to see every tour then I’ve stacked them below. Could be the next U2 Tour t-shirt?

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