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For Tableau Public’s #vizthevote month I’m using voter turnout data from Dr Michael McDonald’s, United States Elections Project website to understand, well, voter turnout in the States. He shows that the much-lamented decline in voter participation is actually an artifact of poor measurement: the difference between the voting age population and the voting-eligible population.

I’m sure there are simpler ways to viz this data and tell a story, but I wanted to use connected scatterplot and bump chart to provide more of an exploratory dashboard. And because I like them. What do we learn? That California has a massive ineligible voting population, and that Minnesota loves to vote.

Great that it was made my first Viz of the Day

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Peter Gilks

Hey Rob, nice viz!

Wondering if I’m reading it right:
By difference in VEP and VAP, do you mean the difference in the denominators, or the resulting voter turnout measures?

3 years ago

    Hi, It’s the differnce in turnout rates using the different measures. Thought that showing the difference would make it clearer! Should have made it clearer in the label. To be fair didn’t think an hours work on a Friday night would lead to viz of the day.

    3 years ago

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