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It’s now been a week since #data15 finished. I’m over the jet lag, and it’s time to reflect on my first big American conference. It was a great venue and the enthusiasm, passion and affection that people have for Tableau was obvious.

For me personally it started well on Tuesday, with a big shout out from Christian Chabot.

And it ended well on Thursday, going on stage with the other Zens. Just amazing to part of this bunch of talented people. (I’m sixth from left)

TC15 Zens all of em.jpg











In between I met some amazing people, stood at a Zen Garden with a rake(!), and even went to a few sessions.

In general, the sessions run by Tableau were the standout ones. In particular, Bethany Lyons and Andy Cotgreave gave brilliant and informative talks. I also enjoyed Robert Kosora’s talk on how to produce newspaper style infographics in Tableau, although he had to battle with noisy air conditioning, noise from other speakers, planes overhead, a truck reversing and missing data in one of the data sources. Fellow Zen, Matt Francis, gave a nerveless 320(!) slide presentation in the main arena with some decent jokes. I also learnt a few things about colour.

The customer sessions I went to were so-so. Too much time wasted telling us about careers, telling us about the company we had already heard of, and then too little detail on how they were using Tableau. In some cases, it was not even clear where Tableau was being used. The exception was the talk by Kelly Jin on how the City of Boston is using visualization. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, we both work in government after all, but it was amazing to see the similar issues she was facing in Boston to me in the UK.

The venue was massive, but it didn’t matter where I went I always felt that my every step was being watched by these two.

I also submitted a viz to the Data Wall in the Expo Hall, but it didn’t make the cut. I’m not sure why it was not good enough, perhaps it was the data set I used, but as I spent a few hours putting it together here it is (designed for a Data Wall so may take some time to load)

For details of the methodology used, check out this great post

Finally, when I got back from Vegas my daughter had already downloaded Vizable (on my iPad) and created this viz on Marvel character screen time. I may now struggle to get the iPad back!

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