Monday Makeover #1: And who the hell is Bryce Harper?

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Monday Makeover #1: And who the hell is Bryce Harper?

Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave have embarked on a year-long series on viz makeovers. That’s one hell of a commitment. They’ve also asked for the Tableau community to join in the fun.

The first makeover is based on an article, and table, in the FiveThirtyEight on baseball player Bryce Harper. I know very little about baseball, but he seems to play baseball pretty well.

Knowing that a number of other tableau gurus were going to do a makeover, I tried to keep away from the obvious, but in doing so, spent my allocated hour trying to think of something different and getting absolutely nowhere. A quick flick through Pinterest led me to this image that provided some inspiration.












And a viz that is certainly more McCandless, than Few. The one thing doing this makeover did show me is how difficult it must be to work in a newsroom producing graphics to a tight deadline.





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